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Application monitoring has always been a challenge for IT. Monitors collect more information than users can manage, so most rely on alerts as a way to filter the flood of data. The challenge is that alerts don’t solve the problem since they are usually based on static thresholds that are as often wrong as they are right. As production systems move to the  cloud,  traditional IT monitoring systems will have to adopt behavioral analysis capabilities. ConicIT uses behavioral analysis and predictive analytics to provide an analysis engine, or “brain”, for managing applications. its analytics engine is tuned to discover performance anomalies, connecting into existing performance data monitors (or APIs).

ConicIT continuously models behavior and uses sophisticated mathematics to define “normal” performance, used to discover and alert staff to performance anomalies before they affect users.  


ConicIT’s behavioral analysis engine ensure that alerts are highly accurate and provide actionable, relevant information. ConicIT resides on a server that remotely gathers data from monitored systems and applications through their existing performance monitoring capabilities (e.g. Application Performance Monitors (APM), or performance APIs), which means that ConicIT is agnostic to the operating system and run-time environment of monitored applications; and ConicIT also requires no installation on the machines or applications it monitors.

ConicIT’s server gathers the data needed to build the behavioral models for predictive analysis in order to discover the anomalies that predict performance problems - before they affect users. Once an anomaly is detected, ConicIT decides what to do – gather more information needed to understand the severity of the problem or create an alert for operational staff. ConicIT furthermore collects system state information as the anomaly occurs, providing the root cause trace needed by staff to understand and fix the problem effectively. ConicIT has been developing behavioral analysis and predictive analytics in production for over 3 years. The company's customers are mostly in the financial sector and include amongst others, Bank HaPoalim, Isracard, Bank Leumi and United Health Group in the US. 

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