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ATROG is providing the following services to the Cybersecurity enterprenur:



Strategy and Management


We will join your management team or work closely with the CEO to provide best in class Strategic planning, business planning and craft the best business plan suitable for your business be it an existing company or a startup in its incubation stage. As a part of the plan, we will provide insights on the business development strategy including identifying and connecting with potential strategic partners, build a plan for zero touch sales and the supporting marketing campaigns needed to drive the sales. In the process of building the winning team, we will help in the recruitments process.


The type of roles our team will fulfil in your organization will be one of the following:

Long term - Active Chairman, Advisory Board member or an interim CEO.





Sales and Marketing 


As an extended or exclusive sales operations arm, we will build an execution plan to your go to market strategy. Based on your type of service or product, we will suggest one or two or a combination of methodologies:


  • Indirect sales: through our vast network of worldwide channel partners to push your product out to enterprises worldwide, or

  • Deploying proven "Low or Zero Touch" telemarketing methodology and process.


In the execution process, we will build and implement a monitoring process and dashboard, providing complete visibility into the process and allowing any backbone CRM to be used.











Our funding arm will help you receive the cash you need to fuel growth. We will review your business situation and suggest a road map to funding.
More coming soon....

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