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FireBlade is dedicated to helping defend online businesses, their intellectual property, and their precious revenues from attack by hackers, spammers, and unscrupulous competitors. FireBlade’s unique, innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) keeps automated web robots (“bots”) at bay, while improving the quality-of-experience enjoyed by real customers.

FireBlade was founded in 2008 by Shay Rapaport and Erez Azaria in response to the growing need for protection of website content that was being routinely “scraped” by criminals operating over the Internet. These scrapers copy content and republish it on their own sites, stealing intellectual property, earning advertising income, and improving their search engine rankings at the expense of the content owner.

Mr. Rapaport, an attorney by profession, understood that the judicial systems in most countries do not and cannot protect web site owners from information theft – especially given the international and anonymous nature of website abusers. He and Mr. Azaria, a veteran information technologist, joined forces to develop an efficient, sophisticated content-production solution for businesses that depend heavily on a successful Internet presence – directories, classifieds, travel sites, and others.

Following its initial successes in scraping prevention, the FireBlade team succeeded in adapting its solution to protect sites from a wide variety of bot-based activities – hacking, spamming, and distributed DoS attacks – in a manner invisible to human users. As required in today’s dynamically evolving internet ecosystem, FireBlade is a learning solution, employing a cloud-based heuristic engine and knowledge base to continuously identify and neutralize new threats.

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